Karolina Numminen

Your Ultimate Work Audit

Ready to grow your career? This free workbook is an excellent place to start. You'll know exactly where you are and how to plan your next steps.

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So you want to get real about your career and consider what would be your next best step. This is super important but can also be overwhelming. Where to even begin? 

By working with 100s of professionals on defining and achieving their career goals, I've found that you must always begin by analyzing your current situation. Where you're now, what's working, and what isn't. A thorough audit of your current job will be an excellent basis for defining your next steps.

To help you do just that, I've created a free workbook to take you smoothly through auditing your work. You'll simply evaluate 10 aspects of your current job and get a visual representation of your job satisfaction. You'll also get tips on interpreting your results and planning your career journey.

Mockup of the Work Audit.

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